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Georgiana Thorne -- Rumors are just that. Rumors. The special expertise was about social events in the season. It's not an extra service. I happen to know about social events so I was trying to help. Goodness.
The London Whisperer -- Oh my, did my eyes deceive me or was that Lady Allegra Holst and Miss Isabella Evans at a rather raucous party in Blackheath Caverns? Oh dear dear, I wonder what Lord Oakham thinks of his future bride to be
The London Whisperer -- Special expertise? I see. I didn't know Lord Flynn was seeking extra services from you. Best keep your mouth shut about what goes on behind closed doors. Especially if they belong to the bedroom.
Lizette Forrester -- These rumors are getting to be too much. My engagement happens to be a great one and secondly,Miss Lee happens to be a dear friend. She is more than her class and status. Perhaps the marquess sees her for that and not her class. Just as my future husband does me.