The London Whisperer -- Congratulations on the engagement of the Marquess of Inverness to Miss Pembroke! Hopefully she can tame the beast. I've heard his temper is frightful, which is likely why he chose to marry so low. None of the ladies of the ton want an ill-tempered husband. I feel we must still pity Miss Pembroke given the circumstances but perhaps she can tame him. She certainly saved us the trouble. Especially since she's yet another young heiress to go down to a nobleman this season.
The London Whisperer -- Did you know the sister of opera singer Jenna Carmichael has become engaged to a Viscount? An American, especially a yankee is unsuited for noble life. I have no doubt this will not be the last of the American foolishness that the Carmichael heiresses are sure to bring. Keep your sons close, ladies. The youngest Carmichael is likely on the prowl and you won't want to be tied to that riffraff.
The London Whisperer -- Dukes preying on younger, vulnerable heiresses seems to be becoming a trend. Have you heard that the Duke of Cork and his ward Miss Joanna Knight are now engaged? Hardly a Duke and he's already selected a bride that isn't a noble. He was no one of import until he became a duke, however. Perhaps they truly are perfect for each other - the seductive orphan and common trash.
The London Whisperer -- The title-hunters are out in full stride this season. It looks like Mr. Castle has his eyes on Lady Andromeda. Perhaps he thought she was easy pickings after her mother's scandal last season. We'll have to see if his welcome becomes too worn. Mr. Castle maybe the first to be cut this season. I wouldn't be surprised.
The London Whisperer -- Speaking of fraternizing with the lower class, Sir Balfour has recently announced his engagement to a Miss Forrester, a bourgeoisie woman that needs to take notes from the young lady that rejected the marquess. At least reputations can be salvaged then.
The London Whisperer -- Keep an eye out, ladies! The Duke of Galway is said to have returned to London after recently coming out of mourning for his late wife. It would be a great time for the young ladies to find a way to make his acquaintance. There's a shot of becoming a duchess at stake!
The London Whisperer -- The Marquess of Swansea reportedly proposed and was rejected by a bourgeoisie woman! What is he doing fraternizing with the lower class? Though the young lady must be crazy to reject a nobleman, perhaps she simply knows her place too well.
The London Whisperer -- Did anyone else see Miss Granger run away from Sir Cahill at the First Almack's Ball? What did he say, I wonder? Perhaps the Duke of Cork should look into this for his cousin's sake.
The London Whisperer -- Congratulations are in order to the Duke of Lancashire and his lovely young fiancee the Viscountess of Hertfordshire. One has to wonder if the lady is marrying such an old man out of her own free will or was she coerced?
The London Whisperer -- A rash of thievery has taken place at the Duke of Kerry's garden party, a little birdy told me that two bracelets, a necklace and a pocket watch were taken. Whoever has sticky fingers must be caught