The London Whisperer -- Hot off the presses - it's the most recent edition of the Whisperer, featuring the Queen of the Gossip - Lady Blatherson!
The London Whisperer -- Paper! Get yer paper! Latest column from Lady Blatherson today!
The London Whisperer -- Hear ye! Hear ye! Get the latest edition of the Whisperer, out today!
Georgiana Thorne -- Rumors are just that. Rumors. The special expertise was about social events in the season. It's not an extra service. I happen to know about social events so I was trying to help. Goodness.
The London Whisperer -- Oh my, did my eyes deceive me or was that Lady Allegra Holst and Miss Isabella Evans at a rather raucous party in Blackheath Caverns? Oh dear dear, I wonder what Lord Oakham thinks of his future bride to be
The London Whisperer -- Special expertise? I see. I didn't know Lord Flynn was seeking extra services from you. Best keep your mouth shut about what goes on behind closed doors. Especially if they belong to the bedroom.
Lizette Balfour -- These rumors are getting to be too much. My engagement happens to be a great one and secondly,Miss Lee happens to be a dear friend. She is more than her class and status. Perhaps the marquess sees her for that and not her class. Just as my future husband does me.
Georgiana Thorne -- So if Lord Flynn is spending time with me? We are speaking of matters of his niece and arrangements in social gatherings. I just happen to have the best expertise! Scandal indeed.
The London Whisperer -- The starlet Jenna Carmichael seems to have caught the eye of the newly named heir to the Duke of Londonderry. Hopefully his mother has the good sense of deterring their interaction. We can't have two Americans among our ranks that don't know what they're doing. We already have to live with the Marquess of York.
The London Whisperer -- Egad! The Marquess of Swansea was actually seen calling upon Miss Daisy Lee earlier this week! And we thought his business with the bourgeoisie woman were over. Perhaps she has to decided to become his mistress?